Banking & Finance

  Banking & Finance Applications

Because financial transactions demand the utmost in security, knowing who is transacting is an essential part of offering a complete solution. And while transactional security is important, it is convenience that draws and keeps today’s banking customers. Why compromise? Provide both security and convenience with biometric authentication from Lumidigm.

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Automatic Teller Machines (ATMs)

Enhance customer convenience at the ATM with multispectral authentication

Enterprise Single Sign On - Access Key

Enterprise Single Sign-On (ESSO)

Manage access to all enterprise assets with biometrically-enabled ESSO

Facility Access Thumbnail

Facility Access

Protect the enterprise perimeter and selected locations inside from unauthorized access

Financial Inclusion Thumb

Financial Inclusion

Deliver secure and affordable financial services to the intended population with biometrics

Public Distribution

Public Distribution

Deliver government goods and services to intended recipients with biometric authentication


Secure Online Transactions

Bring your own identity to online transactions with biometrics

Transactional Authentication Thumb

Transactional Authentication

Use biometrics to easily and reliably connect each secure transaction with an agent