Commercial / Enterprise

  Commercial / Enterprise Applications

Sometimes it’s enough that someone knows a password. Other times, it’s important to have greater assurance of who is logging in. Throw in the BYOD revolution and you have an urgent need for a graded strong authentication solution that is integrated across all access points — even remote ones.

Know who has access with a convenient and secure authentication solution from Lumidigm.

Commercial Time & Attendance Thumb

Commercial Time & Attendance

Eliminate the high cost of “buddy punching” with biometric authentication

Enterprise Single Sign On - Access Key

Enterprise Single Sign-On (ESSO)

Manage access to all enterprise assets with biometrically-enabled ESSO

Facility Access Thumbnail

Facility Access

Protect the enterprise perimeter and selected locations inside from unauthorized access

Transactional Authentication Thumb

Transactional Authentication

Use biometrics to easily and reliably connect each secure transaction with an agent