Government Applications

Governments worldwide continue to look for ways to lower security risks, control waste, fraud and abuse and improve delivery of goods and services to their citizens. The focus on strong personal identification is the best and only means of achieving these objectives. At the end of the day, whether the issue is border control, voter registration or public distribution, knowing “who” is at the very heart of any viable government authentication solution.

Border Control Application - Electronic Passport

Border Control

Facilitate traveler authentication at busy borders without compromising on security

Civil ID Form

Civil ID

Verify citizens in large-scale government identity projects with biometrics

Facility Access Thumbnail

Facility Access

Protect the enterprise perimeter and selected locations inside from unauthorized access

Public Distribution

Public Distribution

Deliver government goods and services to intended recipients with biometric authentication

Ruggedized Time & Attendance w/bg

Ruggedized Time & Attendance

Stop time fraud and increase efficiency even in the most demanding occupations

Transactional Authentication Thumb

Transactional Authentication

Use biometrics to easily and reliably connect each secure transaction with an agent