Physical Access

  Physical Access Applications

Physical access control applications authenticate people authorized to access physical assets such as buildings, facilities, tools and equipment, or inventory.

Amusement Park Access

Amusement Park Access Thumbnail

Facilitate efficient movement through the gates with fingerprint authentication

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Border Control

Border Control Application - Electronic Passport

Facilitate traveler authentication at busy borders without compromising on security

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Driver Recognition

Driver Recognition Thumb

Secure the vehicle and personalize the driving experience with biometrics

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Facility Access

Facility Access Thumbnail

Protect the enterprise perimeter and selected locations inside from unauthorized access

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Fleet Management

Fleet Managment

Ensure that only properly trained, insured and authorized workers are driving

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Medical Dispensing


Support efficient management of medical supplies and medications with biometric authentication.

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Process Control

Process Control Featured Image

Know who is operating a manufacturing process with rugged and efficient biometrics

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