Looking Beneath the Surface

Fingerprint TechnologyMultispectral imaging technology is the Lumidigm Advantage. Fingerprint readers with multispectral technology capture superior images quickly, on all people, in all environmental conditions.

Lumidigm is able to collect and process biometric images in a manner that makes fingerprint authentication and identification more robust, more inclusive and more reliable than other fingerprint sensors, which are vulnerable to a variety of conditions including the presence of topical contaminants, moisture, and bright ambient light. Simply stated, our sensors work where other technologies fail.

Lumidigm’s innovation is multispectral imaging, a technology that enables the measurement of fingerprint characteristics that are at and beneath the surface of the skin. This enhanced data capture mitigates traditional system vulnerabilities and makes Lumidigm sensors the most secure and convenient solution for identity authentication.

Normal environmental and demographic real world conditions all represent significant challenges that have historically plagued the biometrics industry and have limited more widespread adoption. With multispectral imaging, these problems are solved. In major large-scale programs, pilot tests, field trials and evaluations, multispectral imaging from Lumidigm has proven to be the best technology in the biometrics industry.

Multispectral imaging also excels in liveness detection. Lumidigm technology is less susceptible to a wide range of well-known counterfeit attacks because its surface/subsurface capability can discriminate between real fingers and simulated fingerprint ridges. Multispectral imaging can quickly detect a fake by characterizing the subsurface data against the known characteristics of the human skin.

The ability to capture information from both the surface and subsurface of human skin forms the basis of Lumidigm’s distinct competitive advantage. Lumidigm was formed when a noninvasive glucose monitoring technology seemed to suggest a new approach to biometrics. Today this same technology is being extended to capabilities beyond biometrics. Stay tuned!

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Learn about multispectral imaging technology and why it's different.